As of July 2019, we are officially one year into the project! So much has happened since we purchased the land last July and began action towards making our vision a reality!

Here is an overview of our progress thus far, and upcoming project milestones:


  • Jan-Mar 2018: Assembled our rockstar partnership team, clarified the vision, established legal entity & bank accounts

  • April 2018: Held a week-long design charrette to align goals, budget, project structure, and create our initial masterplan

  • April - June 2018: Raised funds from values-aligned investors to purchase the land & begin development

  • July 2018: Closed on the land purchase of our 70-hectare property, finalized our masterplan & design for our regenerative farm

  • August 2018: Built our massive mandala garden on our farm & began planting our community orchard, obtained permits to begin milling fallen trees from land for use in construction

  • September 2018: Began transforming the land, planting trees, clearing low brush in lots in Los Altos neighborhood, planted all of the garden beds in new farm

  • October 2018: Submitted permits for development & use of land, completed architectural designs for yoga shala

  • November 2018: Began construction of our 20 meter dome in the farm

  • December 2018: Installed drip-irrigation to the entire property from a spring at the top of the land, finalized draft of our HOA bylaws

  • January 2019: Began hosting events and tours of Alegría; began our Cenas en la Finca dinner series, finalized draft of our Architecture Design Guidelines

  • February 2019: Completed our dome! Hosted overnight gathering for early investors and lot buyers, marked lot lines and numbers in Los Altos, submitted permits for water concessions from creeks & well drilling

  • March 2019: Began reparations of our roads, completed architectural designs for community center “The Hive”

  • April 2019: Began construction on yoga shala! 

  • May 2019: Built raised garden beds in the interior of our dome

  • June 2019: Planted raised garden beds, built custom wood tables for dining inside the dome, completed road repairs on public road to ensure smooth easy access to Alegría

  • July 2019: Began drilling our first well & testing capacity

Upcoming Milestones

  • August-December 2019: pre-selling lots at discounted pre-permits pricing

  • Aug/Sept 2019: Complete yoga shala

  • December 2019: Expected timeframe for receiving final permits & registering each individual lot to allow us to transfer titles to lot buyers *at which point lot prices will go up

  • Jan-April 2020: Construction of community center building & pool

  • Jan-April 2020: High season in Costa Rica! Lots of events, dinners, tours and overnights on the land. A great time to come visit the project!

  • Jan 2020 - Dec 2022: Building community! Selling lots, building our homes, and gathering as neighbors to establish trust, communication, and shared agreements that will ensure a loving, supportive, fun environment for all :)

Read more about our year-1 progress here.

Have specific questions about the project timeline? Send us a note and someone from our team would be happy to schedule a call to go into more detail!