Alegría Village is committed to supporting holistic, creative education for the children in our community.

The parents of our neighboring sister ecovillage La Ecovilla founded an incredible school called Casa Sula right down the street from our location. Inspired by the pedagogy of the Centro Experimental Pestalozzi Ecuador, Casa Sula practices an “un-schooling” method that gives children the best opportunity to reach their full potential. Teachers give children the time to learn at their own pace, listen to them with an open heart, and empower them as individuals at all ages.

We recommend that interested residents with children schedule a tour of Casa Sula during your visit. There are also many international and Montessori schools in San Jose, preschool through High School. 

If you are a prospective Alegría resident with a passion for education and designing innovative curriculum - please send us a message! We are expanding the schooling options for our community and would love to collaborate with our neighbors!

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Casa Sula is inspired by the experience of the prepare environments from the Experimental Center Pestalozzi in Ecuador, didactic resources from Maria Montessori, the research of Jean Piaget and many scientific and neuroscience studies.

Casa Sula was co-created by Grupo Orion, educators who have more than 30 years of experience in this revolutionary paradigm, in conjunction with several parents from the La Ecovilla community.

What is the Casa Sula teaching methodology?

Tuition is $480 a month for one child and $900 for two children (paid all 12 months of the year). Matriculation fee is $200 and the materials fee is $250 a year. Tuition and matriculation fees are prorated for children attending for times shorter than a calendar year. Tuition includes a healthy lunch and mid-morning snack. Tuition does not include mandatory insurance or the fee for the bus to/from La Ecovilla & Alegriía Village.

Go to Casa Sula’s Tuition & Fees page for more information.

What is the tuition price?

What is the school schedule?

School begins at 8 am and ends at 2 pm each Monday through Friday. Students must attend all 5 days of the week (Casa Sula does not offer reduced schedules).

You may view the School’s Calendar here.

Case Sula is located just outside of San Mateo, Costa Rica, in the Alajuela province. It is a 5 minute drive from Alegría Village.

Where is Casa Sula?

Children from 3 to 18 years old can attend Casa Sula. However they only admit children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old. There are two prepared environments: Seed One is for children ages 3-6 and the Seed Two is for children 7-18.

What is the age range for children attending Casa Sula?

Other schools and tertiary education systems in the area:

Caspari Montessori School (

Caspari is a 10 year old Montessori school founded on the principles of an education for life, whose mission is equipping your child with skills for the world, while promoting independence, self-control and respect. It is located in Heredia Province just outside of San José, a 1-hour drive from Alegría.

Golden Valley School (

Also located in Heredia, Golden Valley School is an international, trilingual educational institution.

University for Peace (

Established in 1980 by the UN General Assembly, this center strives to be a forward-thinking, transformational and inspirational educational institution dedicated to the goals of quality teaching, research and service for serving humanity in building a peaceful world.

Courses include:

  • Environment, Development, and Peace

  • Gender and Peacebuilding

  • International Law

  • International Peace Studies

  • Media, Peace, and Conflict Studies

  • Peace Education

  • Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development

University of Costa Rica (

For more formal, government-subsidized education which covers the common majors such as law, economics, engineering, medicine and politics. There are several campuses around the country, the closest is located in San Jose, a 1 hour drive from Alegría.