Alegría Village is built on 70 hectares of fertile farmland, with rolling hills, stunning views, protected wildlife corridors, and abundant springs and creeks that supply our water. We are designing a neighborhood that thrives in harmony with the natural ecosystem - so that our human habitats can regenerate mother Earth, not destroy her.

Our intention is to live a peaceful, healthy, intergenerational lifestyle in community - and our so our neighborhood masterplan is carefully designed to support this vision.


At the center of our community is our regenerative organic farm that is co-owned by our residents, and supplies each neighbor a basket of fresh produce every week. Our streets are lined with fruit trees and our community center (the Hive) overlooks an extensive permaculture food forest. We have planted over 1700 trees and 25 native species so far!

Our focus on wellness inspired us to build a community yoga shala that overlooks the organic farm, hiking and mountain biking trails through the trees and along the creeks, and sacred spaces tucked throughout.

Each Alegría neighbor has their own space - their own private land and home - and we all share a community center, pool & hot tub, yoga & meditation shala, multi-purpose arts space, coworking hub, regenerative farm, and these sacred nooks for meditation and quiet reflection. Our community also supports a school that nurtures the creativity and inherent brilliance of our children, and an elders’ village that integrates and celebrates the wisdom of our parents and grandparents.

To become a resident of Alegría, you first apply and get to know our community, purchase one of our available vacant lots, design and build your home, and then contribute monthly to support our shared spaces and the maintenance of the neighborhood (in the form of an HOA).