Imagine your dream house... a big open deck with a hammock overlooking the hills, a cool breeze coming into your kitchen, lots of natural light, and a garden overflowing with flowers and tropical fruit, butterflies, birds, and bees... 

One of our favorite things about joining a community like Alegría Village is getting to design and build the home you’ve always dreamed of. Yes we share common spaces like our yoga shala, community buildings and pool, but your space, your lot and your home, is completely your own. 

We encourage each neighbor to create the home that inspires and nourishes them, and reflects their vibe, their tastes, and their lifestyle. We also encourage mindfulness in your design - creating a space that respects the environment and the neighbors around you.

To strike this balance of creative freedom and conscious construction, we have created Architectural Design Guidelines and a process of design review for each home built in Alegria Village.

Here is an overview of the process for building your home:

  • Purchase your lot: choose your favorite lot, sign the lot option contract, and submit your deposit (*starting Jan 2020 you will purchase the title outright, pay in full or with financing)

  • Obtain the topographical maps and measurements of your lot to begin your design process

  • Submit your architectural designs to our Design Review Committee

  • Receive approval (or revisions) from the Committee & begin construction on your lot within 12 months of approval

  • Construction projects must be completed within 18 months of their start unless an extension is provided by the Committee

Here are a few FAQs about building your home at Alegría:

Can you tell me more about the Architectural Guidelines?

In order to best serve the needs of the entire neighborhood, we have created Architectural Guidelines and a Design Review Committee (DRC) that will review and approve all homes and structures built in Alegría. 

The Design Review Committee will be made up of experts in the areas of architecture, construction, and ecological design who are familiar with building in Costa Rica. Design Review Committee members will be appointed by the HOA committee. 

The intent of the Architectural Guidelines is to maintain high standards for a community of residences in the context of the natural environment. It is not the intent of the Guidelines to dictate an architectural style, but rather to provide lot owners and their architects with a set of guidelines that will foster an attractive, ecologically-mindful community.

We are happy to share our current draft of the Architectural Guidelines with serious prospective buyers. 

Right now our allowable construction area is 1000 m2 or 40% of the total lot size, whichever amount is smaller. You can build as many structures as you like within that total allowable area! 

The height will be limited to 2.5 stories above grade. Houses should be a minimum of 60 conditioned square meters, and all accessory structures should be smaller than 40 m2 footprint and less than 25’ tall.

What are the size limits?

Height limits? 

Yes, as long as your total construction area does not exceed 900 m2 or 40% of the total lot size, whichever amount is smaller. 

Can I build multiple houses on my lot?

Our design guidelines state that construction must begin within 12 months of the final DRC approval of your architectural designs. Construction projects must be completed within 18 months of their start unless an extension is provided by the DRC.

You must submit your architectural plans to the DRC within 18 months of purchasing your lot in Alegría.

How long after purchasing a lot do I need to build my home?

How long do I have to build?

Yes, we will offer a list of responsible architects and builders with experience in the area.

Are there contractors that you recommend?

Yes, there is a labor force readily available in this area, and we expect Alegría to create a lot of important jobs for our local neighboring communities.

Are there enough skilled architects & contractors in the area or will I need to wait in line?

It all depends on the complication and size of the house, but build times are similar here to those in other countries.

How long does it typically take to build in Costa Rica?

Construction permits are granted by the municipality and typically take about 30 days.

What is the process of obtaining building permits?

Total building costs vary a great deal depending on materials used and salaries paid, with estimates ranging from about $50 per square foot for simple construction to up to $100 per square foot for a larger house. In our experience $100 per square ft is on the high end for quality top of the line finished construction. 

In general, materials costs in Costa Rica are roughly equivalent to those in North America, while labor costs will be significantly less. Building in remote areas is often more expensive, since you have to factor in delivery costs of materials. You may have additional costs, construction costs like excavating and driveway work. It will depend on your site and what you’re wanting to build. 

If you have initial inspiration photos, ideas, or architectural plans we can give you a better estimate of the cost per square foot you can expect.

How much does it cost to build in Costa Rica?

Really all materials have their pros and cons. Concrete and steel and wood are the most commonly used, however are not the most sustainable. Companies in Costa Rica are now working with Aircrete as well as recycled steel. Old fashioned waddle and dob works well in this environment.

Are there recommended materials for this climate?

We require that stone is sourced within 200 miles. Wood and concrete products are typically manufactured in Costa Rica, as is some steel. Many products are imported.

Where are materials sourced from?

An average cost is about $2 / watt. This means a typical 10 kw house would cost approximately $20,000 USD, however limiting energy consumption could require as low as 3 kw.

How much does it cost to install solar?

Have more questions about building your home at Alegría? Drop us a line! We got answers!