Getting to Alegría

If you live in Costa Rica, or are flying into Juan Santamaría International Airport, the easiest and fastest way to get to Alegría is by car/cab/Uber. It takes about 45 minutes from the airport and the roads are smooth the whole way. No need for a four-wheel-drive!

Where to Stay

If you are interested in living at Alegría, we recommend staying in the area for at least 2 days/1 night to get a feel for the project, our neighboring ecovillage communities, San Mateo, our school, and of course the incredible Río Machuca. There are a few bed & breakfasts right down the road we suggest, or you can rent a room/house from one of our neighbors in La Ecovilla:

What to do in the area

In addition to your tour of Alegría Village, we recommend driving into the towns of San Mateo & Orotina to get a feel for our surrounding area. On Thursday evenings there is a happening farmers’ market in downtown San Mateo that many of our neighbors go to - great food and lots of fresh locally-grown produce! We also encourage you to schedule a tour with the beautiful community school our children attend: Casa Sula.

Spend a relaxing afternoon hiking through the hillside, and end at our crystal clear Río Machuca for a dip, then head back to your bed&breakfast for a stunning view of the sunset.

We are happy to help with more custom recommendations when we coordinate your visit!