How big is Alegría Village?

The land of Alegría Village is 170 acres/70 hectares and there are currently 120 lots in our masterplan. It is hard to predict the exact number of neighbors we’ll have in Alegría - some lots may be combined, some lots may divided, some lots may be used for co-housing projects. But it will be a lively, diverse, thriving community!

Who will live at Alegría?

We are building a purpose-driven community of individuals, couples, and families with diverse backgrounds, skills/professions, and nationalities. We are looking for people who feel an intense call to this way of life - who want to have a positive impact on the planet and share more than just a common road with their neighbors. People who are excited by our mission to reforest and regenerate our land and our creeks, protect native wildlife, grow our own food, and support our neighboring communities and farmers through permaculture education, business partnerships, and funding.

First and foremost we are seeking neighbors who are aligned with our core values as a community. We aim to attract neighbors from all over the world, and including of course a large percentage from Costa Rica. Our neighboring sister community La Ecovilla (co-founded by two of our partners, Stephen & Norman Brooks) has 45 residents from 19 different countries! Spanish and English will be common languages. Most residents in La Ecovilla speak both, and our children are primarily bilingual.

Part of the fun of building community is attracting neighbors who share our mission and meeting new forever-friends. Some of the residents at Alegría will be our existing friends or friends of friends, but many will be new faces who came across our vision and felt the call to join!

While we can’t predict exactly who will decide to live at Alegría, we have written a few characteristics we will all share:



We have overflowing gratitude for life, for community, for abundance, for the nature that surrounds us every day, for the gorgeous place we get to call home and every living being we share it with.


We act with awareness and care. We are mindful of the food we eat, how it is grown, the things we buy, how they are made, the actions we take, and how they impact our families, our neighbors, our planet.


Every day presents an opportunity for joy. We play together. We dance, we create, we harvest, we cook, we dine, we sing, we celebrate this life we get to share as family.

Will everyone living at Alegría be full-time residents?

We imagine there will be a mix of full-timers and part-timers. While we encourage full-time residents, we also understand and support the need for a flexible lifestyle that may include a few home-bases. We hope Alegría will be one of them!

What infrastructure is included in the neighborhood?

Alegría Village will include smooth-surface internal roads to the driveway of each lot, as well as water, electric and fiber optic internet connections to every lot. All wires and pipes will be underground. Septic will not be included, and we recommend individual septic systems. 

What common spaces will be shared amongst residents?

As a neighbor of Alegría Village, you will have access to all of our shared spaces and amenities, which include:

The Hive: our primary gathering space. An open-air covered building with a commercial grade kitchen, permanent tables and seating, work spaces, storage, and Wifi. The outdoor area of the Hive will have a pool and hot tub, BBQ area, fire pit, small park and workout area. 

Yoga Shala: Open-air, covered yoga space with bathroom, changing area, storage, overlooking the mandala garden

Multi-purpose Arts/Co-working Complex: A large open-format building with shared desks for co-working, conference/classrooms, and workshop space

Sacred Spaces: Treehouses and meditation spaces tucked throughout Alegría for private relaxation and connection with nature

The Farm: Biodynamic permaculture farm that will grow organic produce & herbs for our community. Will also include a greenhouse, event space & perennial orchards throughout the entire property

Swimming Holes: Rainwater catchment areas designed and constructed as swimming holes

Hiking Trails: Trails along creek edges and through common areas for hiking, running & biking