Welcome to the Alegría Farm! 

At the center of Alegría Village is our regenerative farm and orchard, where we grow organic produce, fruit, and herbs for our community. Earth Care is one of our core values that unites us as a neighborhood, and we are deeply grateful to enjoy healthy, non-toxic food from the land where we live! 

In our mandala garden and extensive food forest, we are using principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture to revive the capacity of the land, previously clear-cut and degraded for cattle ranching. Regenerative Agriculture honors and utilizes the natural systems that are already in place to build soil and produce nutritious food. 

Since establishing our farm in August 2018, we have planted 8000 sq m. of land (~2 acres) and 600 fruit trees in a community orchard that weaves throughout the property. The farm now produces 90 kg (200 lbs) of organic produce every week and hosts monthly farm-to-table dinners for residents and friends!

Read more about the values and practices we honor at the Alegría Farm.