What common areas will be included in Alegría Village?

As a neighbor of Alegría Village, you will have access to all of our shared spaces and amenities, which include:

The Hive: our primary gathering space. An open-air covered building with a commercial grade kitchen, permanent tables and seating, work spaces, storage, and Wifi. The outdoor area of the Hive will have a pool and hot tub, BBQ area, fire pit, small park and workout area. 

Yoga Shala: Open-air, covered yoga space with bathroom, changing area, storage, overlooking the mandala garden

Multi-purpose Arts/Co-working Complex: A large open-format building with shared desks for co-working, conference/classrooms, and workshop space

Sacred Spaces: Treehouses and meditation spaces tucked throughout Alegría for private relaxation and connection with nature

The Farm: Biodynamic permaculture farm that will grow organic produce & herbs for our community. Will also include a greenhouse, event space & perennial orchards throughout the entire property.

Swimming Holes: Rainwater catchment areas designed and constructed as swimming holes

Hiking Trails: Trails along creek edges and through common areas for hiking, running and biking

*For more details and renderings, please see the Lot Option Contract Addendum 

How will the common spaces and farm be maintained?

All Alegría residents will pay a monthly HOA fee, which will cover the cost of maintaining all common spaces (yoga, common building, pool, multi-purpose/coworking space, farm), roads, hiking & biking trails, food forest and communal orchard, and security. The HOA fee also includes infrastructure for electric and fibre-optic internet, water service, trash/recycling/compost collection, and a weekly basket of fresh produce from the farm. 

HOA fees at Ecovilla range from $150-300 depending on lot size (based on sq meters). We anticipate the HOA fees at Alegría to be very similar, and because of the increased size of Alegría, compared to Ecovilla, there are opportunities, such as commercial farm produce, event sites, educational retreats, etc. that can generate income and reduce monthly dues. 

Will residents be able to help in the garden?

Yes of course! We welcome participation from residents in the garden! As the farm business grows, there will likely be paid job opportunities for residents, or reductions in HOA fees for volunteer hours. 

Can residents rent common spaces for events? What will be the process for rentals?

We anticipate residents may want to reserve common spaces for events, parties, and workshops. Policies around renting common spaces will be set and enforced by the HOA board, which will be made up of elected community members. In Ecovilla, residents submit an application for their event which is reviewed and approved by the HOA board, and then the event organizer pays a fee to the HOA. 

Residents also use the yoga shala for free community offerings (yoga classes, tai chi, ecstatic dance, etc.) and the common building for community potlucks and birthday parties. These are not treated as outside “events” that require “rental” because they are free and open to the community. 

How far along are the common areas?

The Farm: Manada garden designed & built July/Aug 2018. Greenhouse dome with internal garden beds constructed Dec 2018-Mar 2019. Communal orchard planted Aug 2018. We’ve already planted 1500 native and fruit trees throughout the property and are harvesting organic produce from the farm daily, and for our monthly farm-to-table community dinners!

Yoga Shala: We have designed, permitted, and begun construction on our yoga shala! Set to complete Aug 2019. 

The Hive: We’re finalizing detailed architectural drawings now, then the engineering drawings will take about a month, after which we’ll be ready to submit for construction permits from the municipality. We will need to wait until our zoning change (from agricultural to condominium) is approved before we can begin construction on the Hive building. Once approved, construction will take approx. 3-4 months. 

*The reason we are able to build our yoga shala before permits is that we are allowed to build up to 300 sq m on an agricultural zoned property and our yoga building is 185 sq m. 

Multi-purpose Arts/Co-working Complex: We’re creating a design brief now to begin rendering/design process with our architect.