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*Post-Envision Special Event* Cena en La Finca & Fiesta - Mar 6



Join us at Alegría Village for a special post-Envision farm-to-table dinner and New Moon after-party! We will begin with an afternoon tour of our new ecovillage project and hike down to our farm, where we will enjoy an organic gourmet dinner prepared fresh from food grown in the garden all around us. We’ll dine just before the sun sets, and then head down to neighbor Brad’s epic jungle oasis by the river for a big community party! We’ll have ginger beer on tap, wine, and refreshments, live music, dancing, body art, and a bonfire. Wear all white for our Midsummer’s Night Ecovillage Dream :)

Overnight glamping & bring-your-own-tent camping available. This event is part of a 3-day Alegría immersion - you may reserve a ticket for just this dinner & party on March 6th, or join us for all 3 days!

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Alegría Cena en la Finca y Fiesta: Mar 6
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Dinner only: 15.000 Colones / $25

Dinner + Party: 24.000 Colones / $40

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*If you choose to camp overnight at Alegría, please bring your own tent and supplies and we will help you find the best area to set up!