We are currently pre-selling lots in our two premiere neighborhoods of Alegría Village, Los Altos & El Corazón. As we are still in the process of finalizing and registering each specific lot, our pricing is divided into 3 categories per neighborhood, determined by size, views, topography, privacy, and overall vibe. We are offering these first lots at a significant discount per square meter to the price at which they’ll be listed when the lots are registered in 3-6 months.

Reserving a lot during our presale phase also gives you the best chance at getting the lot you love. Lot selection will be based on order of commitment, and your position will be determined by the order in which you sign the Lot Option Agreement and submit your deposit.

Upon signing the Lot Option Agreement, you can either pay a 50% deposit of the category price (remainder due at closing), or pay upfront for a 10% discount on the category price.

The price categories for each neighborhood are as follows:


Los Altos is located at the top of the property, with the highest elevation and coolest temperatures. Lots in this neighborhood have larger trees and more shade, and feature gorgeous views of the rolling hills. Los Altos lots share a small community park, have easy access to the creek, and are the closest to the sacred temple space at the North edge of Alegría.

Category A: >3,500 sq m | $225K

Category B: 2,000-3,500 sq m | $160K

Category C: <2,000 sq m | $100K


El Corazón is the most central neighborhood in Alegría - it’s the heart. Just above the community building and yoga deck, El Corazón slopes upward, giving each lot a spectacular panoramic view of untouched hillside. Lots in El Corazón are a bit smaller than Los Altos, more open, and very buildable. If views are your thing, you’ll want to be in El Corazón. 

Category A: >3,000 sq m | $170K

Category B: 1,800-3,000 sq m | $115K

Category C: 900-2,000 sq m | $70K

Category D: < 900 sq m | $50K

Are there restrictions on foreign ownership?

Costa Rica is incredibly friendly to foreigners when it comes to property owners. Foreigners and locals have exactly the same rights in real estate.

Property is protected by the Costa Rican constitution and you can buy and own real estate outright on a tourist visa, under fee simple ownership. The same goes for business ownership and founding.

Are there financing options?

If you are a Costa Rican National, financing is available through your bank once we have the lots registered after obtaining our permits. Getting a loan as a foreigner is a more involved process which requires you to pursue a resident visa. We are exploring private financing options and would be happy to discuss this with you further. For Costa Rican nationals we are also offering private financing from the partnership to lower the initial deposit required to reserve your lot.

How much are HOA fees? 

We anticipate HOA fees will range from $150-300 depending on lot size (based on sq meters). The monthly fee includes infrastructure for electric and fibre-optic internet, water service, trash/recycling/compost collection, weekly basket of fresh produce from the farm, maintenance of all common spaces (yoga, common building, pool, multi-purpose/coworking space, farm), maintenance of roads, hiking & biking trails, maintenance of food forest and communal orchard, and security. Also, there are opportunities at Alegría, such as commercial farm produce, event sites, educational retreats, etc. that can generate income and reduce monthly dues.