Designing Regenerative Communities | Topanga, CA


Designing Regenerative Communities | Topanga, CA

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It’s time we come together to radically question the way we live

We are interconnected, interdependent beings - but we’re living in separation from each other and our environment, leading us to mindlessly support deep-rooted systems of extraction. 

At this evening gathering, Alegria Village Co-founder Kara Alter will guide us in a discussion of what it means to redesign our lifestyles to be regenerative - to heal our planet, not destroy her. We’ll look at models of community design as a powerful solution, and share strategies for long-term change that we can all start implementing NOW. 

Kara will also present a step-by-step process for starting a land-based “ecovillage” from scratch (using Alegria Village as an example), from vision to masterplan, fundraising, permitting, construction, project management, and attracting and uniting community.

We look forward to meeting you and learning from your unique perspective! Together let’s build systems, communities and lifestyles that REGENERATE our planet.


Donations are welcomed, and will contribute to offsetting the monetary and environmental costs of this event series and supporting the people who are helping to make it happen! :)

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